I was born in Ardabil, Iran, in 1998. I lived and studied there until the 18th year of my life! in those years, I could have constructed my interests! Loving computers, curiosity about complex things was and still is a part of my life! I was just a normal gamer until I got familiar with programming languages! Documents were like a sacred book! After a while, I was designing websites using HTML, CSS, and JS.
In 2016, I started Biomedical engineering in the University of Tabriz, Tabriz Iran. This event led me to think about medical stuff considering computers!

Act Like this:

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What I care about

I can write in python, Matlab, C, C++, PHP, Java, JavaScript, and c#! Also add HTML, CSS to this list!
I'm currently focused on Python and Matlab to produce applicable software to be used in medical fields! So I address problems which are needed to be solved! For example, My Image Unblurer was a project which prevents extra fees of reimaging!

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Which topics DO I LOVE?

Anything related to brain, neurons and nervous system makes me crazy. I'm keen on creating and developing techniques to facilitate EEG signal processing!
I have some experience in image processing and ECG signal processing, which helped me to inspire their methods and implement them on EEG!

What do I love?

First of all, reading is my favorite! Dram and fiction! Then I love playing online group games which contribution results in victory!!

My projects!

List of projects!

Name Description Date GitHub
Online COVID-19 Diagnosing system A serverless API whith tensorflow core to classify x-ray images of lungs 2020 Soon!
Breast Cancer Detection ML approach to classify Wisconsin breast cancer dataset 2020 Link
Motor imagery BCI system CSP+SVM to classify BCI Competition IV, Motor Imagery Dataset 2018 Link
Intro to BME at UoT An Android app to getiing familiar with BME, Environment and university of Tabriz 2017 Link
Wearable ECG Easy-to-Use ECG to have BPM estimation while exercising 2018 Soon!


You can use my official WEBSITE to contact with me! Also you can elave a message in any messanger that I use.